FAQ's About Psychic Readings
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How long does it take David William as a Psychic Medium to connect with me in a psychic reading?

When you have a Psychic Reading with David he is able to tune into your energy and tell you things that are happening around you this should happen within the first few minutes of you talking together.

Each psychic reading is different because as human beings were all different. It is best to approach a psychic reading with an open mind and by being as relaxed as is possible. All David needs is a simple yes or no durning your reading as it is your voice he will tune into. 

The more relaxed and open minded you are usually the easier a psychic reading flows.

Why does David offer a 10 minute money back guarantee?

David understands that having a psychic reading with a psychic medium can be a little nerve wracking especially if it's your first time. His 10 minute money back guarantee gives you the confidence to enjoy your psychic reading. In 20 years working as a Psychic Medium David has only been unable to connect with 2 of his clients.

If you feel you're not gelling with David within the first 10 minutes of your psychic reading tell him and at that point he will stop your reading and he will immediately refund your money.

How specific can a psychic reader be when it comes to timing?

When using his tarot cards for your psychic reading David will look at life around you for the coming 3 months as he believe this gives enough time for situations to develop and come to fruition. Tarot cards being in certain positions will indicate the timing involved around any particular question you ask David during your psychic reading which means timings can also be specific.

Did you know that shamans have always said "everything that shows up in our world is a mirror of what’s going on inside us." So if your feeling anxious you can actually begin to push away from you that which your trying to draw into your life. It's far better to let go and get back into your power so that the universe begins flowing towards you rather than you pushing the universe away. 

Can david as a psychic medium tell me if my ex is going to come back?

David works with 2 sets of tarot cards when reading on love and relationships. The reason he does this is that the first set of tarot cards being major arcana's show how your feeling & thinking as well as showing choices and decisions that your in control of around your immediate future and future. The second set of cards being a full deck of tarot are focused on looking at your ex and how they're feeling and thinking plus the potential of reconciliation.

David can tune in and see what’s happening in terms of the energy between you and your ex. There are so many factors to take into consideration when asking David such a question like is getting back with your ex the best thing for YOU?, Will your ex hurt you again in the future? and are you by focusing solely on your ex actually missing out on other relationships that may actually be better for you.

David will be able to give you a comprehensive reading on this question. What he will be looking at most will be getting you back in your power, he will look at all the blockages around you so that you can get your life back on track.

Can a psychic reader tell me exactly what’s going to happen?

In a psychic reading David can tune in to where you have been, what has just been happening around you and where you are at this present moment and then look at the potential of things that may happen further down the line for you.

More importantly David will help you connect with your own power to put you in the best possible place to shape your future as a lot of what happens in your life is actually down to you and when you're in your power YOU automatically make decisions that have dynamic consequences on your life. There is such a thing as fate and destiny but they're not always set in stone.

David always say's that as a Psychic Medium he may tell you that you are going to be successful at something, but if you sit back and do nothing then nothing will happen for you.

Are there any things as a psychic medium david can’t talk about?

Unlike a Psychic Hotline who have rules and regulations where psychic's cannot discuss anything related to health, finance or legal matters.  That includes talking about pregnancy. In a private psychic reading with David he is able to talk with you about such things that are very important to you in your life. David will always encourage you to also seek the advice from a doctor, healthcare provider, financial adviser or expert IF it's required.

What happens if I have too many psychic readings with psychics other than just david?

If you're asking the same question to different psychics you can find yourself confused and also out of pocket. It's far better to have a really thorough psychic reading that helps you step back into your power and then focus on transforming your life. David offers a power hour reading with can be taken over the phone via Skype or in person at Lavender Cottage in Bollington. The power hour reading will really help you to understand where you are and more importantly the road that lies ahead. 

Having loads of psychic readings can actually leave you feeling a bit obsessed and stuck as all your focus goes on the one thing you’re asking about.  Rather than having loads of psychic readings get in touch with David via www.askdavidwilliam.com  to help get your life moving forwards in the right direction for you.