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Psychic - Tarot - Intuitive & Spirit Readings With David William

Via Skype-phone or in-person at lavender cottage 

Hey Are You a.... 

I Wanna see ya In Person or I wanna a reading with a cuppa on my sofa in my slippers kinda person?

Great because I offer phone readings and In-person readings: Just decide which is best for you.

To me distance is no issue. It doesn't matter if your here with me at Lavender Cottage in Bollington or in Los Angeles, London or Macclesfield. As my testimonials prove a phone reading is just as accurate as an in person reading regardless of the physical distances that may separate us. I read for clients in Marbella, Dubai, and even as far as Sydney, Australia.

From my online Scheduler below simply choose the reading where YOU will feel the most relaxed and which is the most convenient for you.

Remember - All Readings Are 60 Minutes & For One Person

  • clarity & guidance reading

    • This is a Psychic - Intuitive - Tarot Reading.

      A Psychic, Intuitive, Tarot Reading Gives Clarity And Insight On Love, Career And Life Using My Intuition, Tarot Cards Coupled With My Spirit Guides.

    • Available Via The Phone, Skype Or In-Person At Lavender Cottage.

      Need Answers To Those Important Questions? Fire away.

  • Memories from Heaven Reading

    • This is a Mediumship Spirit Reading

    • A Spirit Reading Provides Evidence Of Life After Death And Memories Of Times Shared Together.

    • This Reading IS NOT About Future Predictions.

    • Available Via Phone, Skype Or In-Person At Lavender Cottage.

      Want To Reunite With Your Family And Friends In The Spirit World? Lets Connect.

Want the best of both worlds? 


    • The Clarity & Connection Reading Is Combination Of My Psychic, Intuitive, Tarot & Mediumship Abilities.

    • This Reading MAINLY Answers Important Questions In Your Life Using The Tarot & My Intuitive Insight. And Gives You A Chance To Say 'Hi' To Your Loved Ones In Spirit.

    • Available Via Phone, Skype Or In-Person At Lavender Cottage.

  • Spiritual Assessment for Psychic Development, Mediumship Training and Healing Unfoldment

    • This reading is perfect for those just starting on their journey of self discovery. Unsure which path to take then allow my Spirit Team to guide and counsel you onto your correct path of spiritual unfoldment.

    • Already a working medium or healer? Thinking of changing direction and you’re not sure which path to take. Then this reading is perfect for you too.

All readings last 60 minutes with the option to extend during the booking process below.

My Online Diary & Scheduler


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With my online diary booking your reading is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I look forward with connecting with you soon

David x

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Please Be Aware:

David’s availability changes every hour. Once a limited number of appointments have been booked in for the week, David’s diary will automatically close.

Phone Reading Testimonial

Here's what Dr Deepak Vohra of New Delhi, India had to say about his Memories from Heaven Phone Reading.

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"I Want to thank you from my heart for the reading I had today. I felt that my mom is speaking through you. 

It was a wonderful, emotional, accurate, enlightening and close to the heart reading.  I feel contented and elated. I could feel the connection with my mother. The evidence you gave left me stunned and you proved that life continues after physical death.”

I Look Forward to Speaking with You Soon

David x

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