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"David William is the Best Psychic Medium in Cheshire, the U.K and Beyond."

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hi i'm


Am I the Best Psychic Medium in Cheshire and Beyond?. Well, I am a Psychic Medium and trusted advisor to numerous celebrities and everyday folk just like you and me. Everyday I give psychic mediumship readings for people the world over. They're the one's who've called me the best psychic medium they know. 

You know, I've learnt over the last 20 years it doesn't matter how successful you are in life, we all need a little help sometimes.

Just googled best psychic medium in Cheshire, psychic medium near me. Been recommended by a friend?. However you've got here, WELCOME. I'm thrilled you've made and I'm excited about getting to know you.


  • You've listened to friends and you're still confused.
  • You need to get advice from the person you trusted the most but they've passed away.
  • You're awake at night tossing and turning going round in circles.
  • You miss your loved one in Spirit so much it hurts.
  • When making the wrong choice will land you in the S**t. (excuse my french.)

I take the stress out of making those tough decisions by giving you a sneaky peak into your future.

Nothing is off limits. You can ask me anything you want.

Wanna hear off your loved ones in Spirit?. No Probs - Let's do it.

Confused about what reading to ask for?

Confused by the terminology Psychics use?. Do the terms psychic medium reading, clairvoyant readings, tarot card reading, spiritualist medium reading, intuitive reading get confusing and sound like gobbledygook?. When all you want is answers.

Let's ditch the terminology. With my insight I'll tailor your reading just for you.

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I get the fact you mightn't of had a reading with me before and don't know what to expect. So book your reading with me. If we're not on the same wavelength within 10 minutes you get your money back.


Online Booking

As easy as 1, 2, 3 to get booked in today.

How to connect with David William Psychic Medium

1. You choose how we get together.

Schedule a reading with David William Psychic Medium

2. Click & Pick your time and date from my online diary.

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3. Pay securely using Paypal or any debit or credit card. Viola all done, easy peasy.

Gemma Collins David William Psychic Medium Testimonial
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Rayan Rosenberg - Validation David William Psychic Medium
David WOW. I was not expecting THAT. OMG you are amazing. You were spot on with it all. I was sitting on Joshua’s bed just like you said, I was in his room looking up at the stars and talking to Josh in my head and I saw a shooting star. David William Psychic Medium you are amazing. You really did make my night. I have been so low not just with Josh’s death but with all this heartache afterwards too. Just WOW, WOW, WOW. Thank you and lots of love.
— Rayan Rosenberg, Winsford, Cheshire, U.K
Nosha Nasser - Validation David William Psychic Medium

Hi David, I would just like to say that my session with you was truly amazing. I felt that I got to do the impossible,    which is to connect with my deceased father one more time. Nosha Nasser (Amman Jordan)

Clare Merryweather - Validation David William Psychic Medium

David William is quite simply one of the most talented psychic mediums that I have ever met. Clair Merryweather, Birmingham, U.K

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