A Psychic/Mediumship Reading with David William v a Psychic Hotline
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Hi I'm David William and I'm a Psychic Medium based in Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire. In this blog I'm going to be discussing having a Psychic - Mediumship/Clairvoyant reading with me compared to a Psychic Phone line.

Having a Psychic Reading with David William compared to a Psychic phone line

Why choose David William for a psychic reading compared to a psychic hotline?

Firstly there are certain rules and regulations that a psychic on a psychic phone line has to adhere too. For example psychics on a psychic hotline line by law are not allowed to predict pregnancies, talk about health, financial matters, they're also not allowed to talk about any on going legal matters plus a whole host of other things too. I know that during the last 20 years working as a psychic medium a lot of the questions you're not allowed to answer on a psychic hotline are the questions that are really important to a person wanting a psychic or mediumship reading. 

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You never know who's on the end of the phone line with a psychic hotline

Psychic hotlines often (not always) will use a figure head this is usually a famous Psychic or Medium who is well known to the general public. However the truth is these famous psychic medium's usually only put their names to the psychic hotline and a lot of them (not all) have nothing to do with the day to day running of the psychic hotline or the recruitment of psychic mediums for the hotline. A 3rd party company will often trade off the psychic mediums name in question.

Psychic phone readings via psychic phone lines can be unpredictable and very unreliable depending upon who you call. Also your call is randomly assigned to a psychic medium you don't even know. Unless you put a lot of due diligence into checking a psychic hotline out first you could end up having a reading with anyone and even if you do pick a pyschic's pin you're still not guaranteed to get a reading with that psychic. 

Psychic hotlines often have a high turn over of staff and they can be very impersonal. Did you know that psychic phone lines are also recorded meaning that very personal information can be accessed by anyone in that company which is not very private.

Once a psychic hotline has your mobile number they've been known to bombard people's mobiles with endless text's trying to draw people back in for more psychic readings.

Having your psychic or mediumship reading with David William

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Having a reading with me on the other hand be it a psychic - mediumship/clairvoyant phone reading in person at Lavender Cottage in Bollington or via the phone or Skype.

Firstly I can talk about those important issues in your life. There are no limitations or restrictions in having a psychic reading with me.

I have predicted pregnancies that were NEVER meant to happen. I remember doing a reading for a young man from Devon who's father had passed away. The couple were desperate for a baby and thought it would never happen. They were on the verge of giving up. 2 months after the reading as predicated, his girlfriend fell pregnant and they now have a beautiful healthy son. The amazing thing is the doctors told this couple that they would never conceive. I can also talk about health issues, finances and legal matters.

Secondly Privacy is key with me. I have and continue to read for client's many of whom are well known film & tv personalities and sports personalities. Some of my clients have been having readings with me for many years. Why? because they're privacy is key. They know that ANYTHING we talk about will stay private ALWAYS.

Thirdly I have a proven track record. You only need to look at the testimonials left on website www.askdavidwilliam.com, Google and Yell to see how happy other people have been with their readings with me. You know that by booking a reading with me your guaranteed to speak with me and not some random stranger on a hotline who you know nothing about.

Fourth my online diary makes booking a reading easy. Booking your reading with me is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You get to choose what type of reading you want, when you want your reading to take place and where you have your reading with me. It's hassle free. There are no unknown's unlike psychic hotlines that. 

Finally I offer a FULL money back guarantee. I get that booking in to see a psychic medium or having a psychic mediumship reading via the phone can be a nervous experience especially if it is your first time. That is why I offer the 10 minute money back guarantee. If for ANY reason your not happy within the first 10 minutes of your reading with me you just let me know and I will give you a full refund hassle free. 

So if you want a reading that is in-depth AND value for money then pop over to my website www.askdavidwilliam.com to book your reading today.

David William x