Difference between a Psychic Reading & a Mediumship Reading

What's the difference between a Psychic Reading & a Mediumship Reading?

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Hi I'm David William. I'm a Psychic Medium based near Macclesfield, Cheshire and this has to be one of the most frequently asked questions by people looking to have a reading with a Psychic Medium like myself.

There is often a lot of confusion between a Psychic Reading and Mediumship Reading mainly caused by all the different names associated to each set of readings.

Psychic Readings

A Psychic Reading is a two way connection between you and the Psychic.

A Psychic picks up information about you from your aura and by using divination tools like the Tarot cards or the crystal ball.

A Psychic Reading is all about you. Who you are. Where you've been. Where you are in life at present and the potential that exists around your future going forwards. A Psychic Reading does NOT involve your loved ones in the Spirit world.

Most Popular Divination Tools for Psychic Readings

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Crystal Ball Readings

  • Palm Readings

  • Tea Leaf Readings

  • Pendulum Readings

A Psychic may use any variation of divination tools such as the tarot cards to give their psychic readings or they may not wish to use any tools at all. Each Psychic will have their own way of giving Psychic Readings.

A Psychic CANNOT communicate with the our loved ones in Spirit. They may well be able to tell you that you have lost someone but they cannot provide evidence of that person's personality, their memories or life experiences.

Did you know? not all Psychics can be mediums BUT all mediums are naturally Psychic.

I offer Psychic telephone readings as well as private psychic readings from Lavender Cottage in Cheshire. Some people prefer to visit me in person and others prefer to have their Psychic readings from the comfort of their own home via the phone or Skype. A Psychic reading and how and where it is conducted comes down to the preference of the person have the Psychic reading. There is no right or wrong way to have a Psychic reading with a Psychic Medium. No one way is better than the other.

Mediumship Readings

A medium can communicate with your loved ones in Spirit. A medium is able to bring proof of life after death through the evidence they provide during the process of a private reading.

Various names for a Mediumship Reading

  • Clairvoyant Reading

  • Clairsentient Reading

  • Clairaudient Reading

  • Spiritualist Mediumship reading

  • Spirit Reading

  • Channeled Reading

Having so many names for the same reading can often be confusing. A Spirit or Mediumship reading is a three way reading between you, the medium and the communicator in the Spirit world and relies on the evidence provided by the communicator through the medium to prove evidence of life after death.

Just like with my Psychic readings, I offer Spirit Clairvoyant Mediumship readings over the telephone or in person at Lavender Cottage in Cheshire. Again some people prefer to have their Spirit Clairvoyant mediumship reading in person and others prefer their Spirit Clairvoyant Mediumship readings over the telephone from the comfort of their own sofa. It comes down to personal choice.

Why Not Combine a Psychic Reading With a Mediumship Reading

The most popular reading I offer is a combination of a Psychic Reading and Mediumship reading. It's the best of both worlds as you can have a reading that not only focuses on your life, you also get to say "Hi" to family and friends in Spirit who also get to give their opinion on where your life is heading too.

It would be great to see you at Lavender Cottage, Bollington. If you can't get to Cheshire for your Psychic reading or Mediumship reading no worries. I have client's from all parts of the country and from different countries so it doesn't matter if your in Manchester, Liverpool, London or even New York. Why not treat yourself to a Psychic phone reading or a mediumship phone reading. This is just as good as being in the same room as me.

David x