Psychic Readings - In Person or over the phone?
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Psychic Readings - In Person or over the phone?

Arrgh - Can't decide which Psychic Reading to have - face to face or a psychic phone reading - Help!

Stop - Don't panic help is at hand.

Hi I'm David William and I'm a Psychic Medium based near Macclesfield, Cheshire and gone are the days of visiting a "Psychic" for a psychic reading on the promenade. Gone are the black cats, crystal balls, head scarfs and candles (mostly).

With the introduction of the internet and 21st century technology and thanks to social media psychic readings with a psychic medium have come a long way. Psychic readings in person and psychic phone readings are far more main stream in society now since I started working as a psychic medium over twenty years ago.

If your thinking of having a psychic phone reading or an in person reading with a Psychic Medium like myself the first and most important thing is that you pick someone you trust and who has a proven track record. Look at their testimonials like mine here. Also check them out on places like google and look at their reviews too.

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Do they offer a money back guarantee For their Psychic Readings?

I understand that having a in person psychic reading or a psychic telephone reading with a Psychic Medium can be unnerving especially if you don't know the psychic medium. That is one of the reasons why I offer my 10 minute money back guarantee. 

A good psychic reading relies on rapport between you and the psychic or psychic medium and in life sometimes we meet people and click with them at other times we meet people and no matter what we just can't seem to click with them. A psychic reading is no different and that is another reason why I offer my money back guarantee as I understand that though I hope to be the Psychic Medium who can help you, I recognise I may not be for you. If your not happy within the first 10 minutes of your psychic reading with me then you get your money back - guaranteed.

Psychic Reading via phone or Face to Face

This is one of the questions that I'm asked most by people looking to have a psychic reading. There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all comes down to personal choice. I have regular clients that love to come and see me in person at Lavender Cottage in Bollington and others that love nothing more than being wrapped in their cosy blanket on their sofa with a cup of tea having a reading with me. 

For me distance is no issue. It doesn't matter if your in Tokyo, Los Angeles, London or Milan. If you can't get to Lavender Cottage then a phone reading is just as good as an in person reading regardless of the physical distances that may separate us. I read for clients in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Dubai, Montreal even as far as Sydney, Australia. So when it comes to choosing your psychic reading in question then the choice is yours. 

A good psychic reading can be a very moving and uplifting experience. They can provide clarity and insight in uncertain times. A good psychic reading can also help you get back in touch with your true self. It can bring out your own inner wisdom. You see, you are intuitive but in times of stress or anxiety we tend to lose touch with that intuition. A psychic reading can help you to reconnect to that side of yourself so you can make the decisions that are correct for you in your life.

I have made booking a psychic reading easy to do. I have an online diary where booking your psychic readings is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is book the reading you want. Pick the time and date that suits. Complete the online process and viola your all booked in.

I wish you well on your journey and I hope to connect with you soon and if you'd like to book a psychic reading with me just click on the button below or visit

David x